The latest goings-on with the Polymer project and in the community. We'll update this page to announce major releases and showcase cool stuff being built with Polymer. Have an idea for an article? Suggest it!

Shadow DOM v0 and HTML imports are changing

Upcoming changes to Chrome could break some Polymer 1.x and 2.x websites. Make sure your sites are up to date.

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Preview de Polymer 3.0: npm y Módulos de ES6

The "Polymer 3.0 preview" article translated into Spanish.

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Polymer Summit Speaker Spotlight: Bede Overend, Simpla

Bede Overend of Simpla on facilitating engagement with Web Components.

Hands-on with the Polymer 3.0 preview

Get started experimenting with Polymer on npm and ES6 modules.

Polymer 3.0 preview: npm and ES6 Modules

Today at the 2017 Polymer Summit in Copenhagen, we announced one of the biggest changes to our developer workflow in the project's history.

Polymer Summit Speaker Spotlight: Kunal Kundaje, Netflix

Kunal Kundaje on componentized database dashboards, and the inclusivity of the Web.

Polymer Summit Speaker Spotlight: Maria Husmann, ETH Zurich

Maria Husmann on the benefits of the Web as an open platform, and the greater user experience offered by Progressive Web Apps.

Polymer Summit Speaker Spotlight: Chad Killingsworth, Jack Henry & Associates

Chad Killingsworth on componentized web app development, and the importance of powerful theming.

Polymer Summit Speaker Spotlight: Josh Trout from Gannett

Josh Trout from Gannett on Polymer, the Web, and building apps for the future

An Update on Neon Animation

What is the status of neon-animation going forward, and what does it mean to you?

Polymer at I/O ‘17, ICYMI

Everything you need to know about the Polymer Project from Google I/O 2017, in case you missed it.

Polymer Summit 2017: Wonderful Copenhagen

Join us for the third annual Polymer Summit, August 22–23, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It's time for 2.0!

The Polymer 2.0 library is built for performant interoperable web component development.

Welcome 2.0 Release Candidate!

The Polymer 2.0 Release Candidate is available and ready for use.

Polymer News Progressive Web App

The new Polymer News demo progressive web app helps you start building a cutting-edge PWA using Polymer.

The new is now live, with updates and elements from the Web Components community.

2.0 is on the way!

An update on Polymer 2.0 progress.

Polymer Summit Livestream 2016

Tune into the Polymer Summit 2016 livestream.

Get Ready for the Polymer Summit 2016

We're ready for Polymer Summit 2016, are you? Here are the latest event details.

Please Welcome Polymer 1.7

Polymer 1.7 provides forward compatibility features, plus a few bug fixes.

Polymer 2.0 Preview

Check out the preview branch of the forthcoming Polymer 2.0 release.

Should I Use Polymer Starter Kit or Polymer CLI

A new, updated Polymer Starter Kit is now available through the Polymer CLI.

I/O 2016 Recap: #UseThePlatform

A look back at Google I/O 2016, and some background on the Polymer Project's call to #UseThePlatform.

Polymer at Google I/O 2016

At Google I/O 2016, we launched the brand-new Polymer App Toolbox for building Progressive Web Apps.

<app-route> gets its beta release!

The app-route element has made its beta debut - we'd love your feedback on this modular approach to routing.

Encapsulated Routing with Elements

An overview to doing distributed routing in an application, as well as an introduction to <app-route> and <app-location>.

Community Highlights - GE Predix UI

GE's Predix UI provides Polymer-based components for building dashboards for the industrial Internet of Things.

2016 Roadmap

A spin through the Polymer project roadmap for the beginning of 2016.

Deprecating /deep/

We're updating elements to remove usage of /deep/ and ::shadow. This might cause some unexpected changes if you were relying on side-effects of these selectors.

Introducing Polymer 1.2.0

Polymer 1.2 introduces some exciting, long-awaited new features: compound bindings and observing light DOM children.

Introducing the Polymer Project Roadmap and Repo

We're excited to open up the project's near-term roadmap. The roadmap is available in new repo - Polymer/project - to help enable project-level discussion and collaboration.

Polymer Summit Recap

In case you missed any of the action at this year's Polymer Summit, we focused on three key themes: Develop, Design, and Deploy, giving concrete advice on how you can build your web app from start to finish. Here's a recap of all the highlights.

Building web components using ES6 classes

How to build vanilla custom elements and Polymer elements using ES2015 features.

Discover and communicate with nearby Bluetooth devices

Introducing a new set of Polymer elements that simplify discovering and communicating with nearby Bluetooth devices, powered behind the scenes by the experimental Web Bluetooth API.

Polymer Summit Schedule

The schedule for the first ever Polymer summit is now live!

1.1 Release

We've added our first, small minor release. This includes a new way of sharing styles between elements and the main document.


Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the 1.0 release of the Polymer library.

What is shady DOM?

Why do we need a new kind of DOM?